More sales, quick payment

Sell your sawn timber to Timberhub and get paid instantly. We take care of your sales and logistics, while you are focusing on production.

Why sawmills love doing business with us
Hassle-free sales
We make your life easier. We buy the products from you at the right price, no middlemen.
Upfront payment
We pay everything in advance, enabling you to use your capital more efficiently.
You don’t have to deal with finding a carrier and negotiating prices. Our carriers will be picking up the orders.
Better planning
We provide you with market insights, allowing you to optimize production and improve the top line.
Digital documentation
We provide you with all the necessary documents in your digital repository, allowing you to better organize your admin work.
Numerous sawmills have chosen us to streamline their sales
Some of the biggest sawmills in Germany, Austria, Romania, Lithuania have already partnered with us.