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One-day quotes, instant capacity

In only 3 steps from quote request to arrival at your yard: This is how Timberhub works.

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Select your product specifications and timeline in just a few clicks.

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From all the suppliers' quotes, handpicked by the team, you get the best deal.

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Track when your truck arrives in real-time and access all documents in one place.

From spot request to quarterly planning

What makes Timberhub unique? Free access to quotes all over Europe, ongoing deliveries, and crucial documents all in one place. Streamlining your operations and enabling proactive order scheduling.

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Ion Sergis, CEO
Wim Oerlemans, Purchase lead

30 years of experience in the industry

Our experts become part of your team

Our team is in close contact with suppliers and know them personally. They will take your enquiry and ensure a smooth supply at a great price. Forget about communication hurdles, quality control concerns, lengthy contracts or language barriers. We handle it all so you don't have to.

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